10 tips from poker pros to maintain a healthy life 10 tips to help poker players maintain a healthy life

As in many professions or sports, poker is a discipline that requires a lot of training and preparation to hope to reach a sufficient level to become a professional player. The stars of this mental sport, as it is considered by many, know the need to have a healthy life, so that body and mind are always in the best possible condition. Only thus can they hope to obtain good results. Many of our Diamond Club devotees follow the guidelines set out in this article and apply them daily. And this explains their success.

Obviously there are also players who, even if they do not follow the advice written here, manage to reach the heights. They are true card champions who are so talented that not even a dissolute lifestyle can hold them back. But not all poker players are the same. In our Team partypoker too, there are differences between players, but everyone agrees that even a life offers a greater chance of success. If you are a beginner in poker but want to try your luck at it, we will now provide you with several tips that will be very useful to you.

Pay attention to your diet

Among all these vital things, food certainly holds a place of choice. The poker player needs nourishment for a body capable of sustaining long sessions of play, and for this is fundamental. Too much would be a problem, but not enough too. Fruits, vegetables and dried fruits are the most recommended for a poker player because, in addition to giving energy to the body, they also bring mental agility which could prove essential. But abusing these foods will not be a good solution either, and it will be important to vary your diet. Federica Trombetta, personal trainer, explains it very well in her book “Poker on a diet” by showing how playing poker can help to have a healthy diet and vice versa.

Physical activity

Ingesting essential nutrients, however, will not be the only chosen one to take into account in order to become a better poker player, because eliminating those that are not necessary will also be important, and this is done using physical exercises. Poker involves sitting for many hours in front of your screen or around a table with your opponents. It is this stillness that makes sports outside of poker fundamental in order to eliminate toxins and any other substances that the body does not need. It is not a question here of sculpting an athlete’s body, but simply of moving regularly.

Eliminate vices

In order for these two things to work, there is another element that must be taken into account as capable of interfering with these, and these are vices. Alcohol, tobacco or refined sugars are to be avoided. The organization will not be able to manage both the efforts inherent in playing poker and trying to become a professional and manage the disturbances created by these harmful products. Everyone obviously has the right to indulge themselves from time to time, but be careful when this pleasure becomes a routine.


But it’s not just the body that needs to be taken care of to succeed in poker, the mind also needs attention. Disconnect then becomes an essential habit. Many poker players who play from home fail to find moments of peace when they don’t think about poker. This will enormously tire their brain which will then no longer be at the top of its abilities when they need it. Poker should therefore always be combined with other activities that have nothing to do with it.

Train your mind

And now that we’re focusing on the brain, let’s clarify that it’s also very sensible to do mental exercises which allow it to be maintained regularly. These exercises don’t have to be poker related at all, they just have to work on your memory, your ability to make decisions or your resistance to pressure.

be diligent

Of course, all this must also be embellished with a drive constant and everyday in poker. Nobody is born with infused science and everyone must learn to play poker little by little and, whatever their level, it is always possible to discover something new or learn a new strategy.

Psychological support

And if despite all this, our mental health is still fragile, there is nothing to be afraid of. call a psychologist. If we can’t find a solution to our problem or why our game isn’t working as well as it should and yet we feel like we’re doing everything right, there are people who are there for us. help, especially in this world of poker which is so linked to psychology.

Manage your money well

Even those who are already capable of earning large sums of money should always pay attention to the managing their bankroll. And not just in playing poker, but in their daily lives as well. Don’t be swayed by your overly impulsive nature and always keep an eye on your wallet.

Adopt an adequate strategy

If you want to play in a tournament, you need to have your game in place and develop a strategy that matches your goals and the way you play. The best way to be happy with yourself is to set realistic goals so you can achieve them.

Go calmly

A final fundamental aspect of poker is to do everything gradually. It is impossible to change everything overnight, such upheavals take time. Regularity and work are the keys to poker, so stay calm and take it little by little.

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