$2,500 offered daily via 24-hour freerolls

When Luther Vandross and Janet Jackson had a fight “The best things in life are free” there is a slight possibility that they were singing about freeroll poker tournaments. OK, they probably weren’t, but freeroll tournaments are free, and there are plenty of them at PartyPoker, thanks to our new 24 hour freerolls promotion.

Until further notice we are running free poker tournaments every hour of every day that have prize pools of $50, $100, $150, and even $200. All you need to do to play any of the Round the Clock Freerolls is launch your PartyPoker account or our mobile applocate freerolls in the tournament lobby and dive into the action.

What are freeroll poker tournaments?

Freeroll poker tournaments are exactly what they sound like, completely free poker tournaments. Some online poker sites offer their customers one or two freerolls a day, but PartyPoker is not just an online poker site; It is THE online poker site for freeroll tournaments.

Freerolls are a great way to build a bankroll from scratch, test new strategies without risking your bankroll, or just enjoy a poker tournament where you have just your time invested.

What are 24-hour freerolls?

Round-the-clock freerolls are just one of the many ways we give back to our customers. They are designed to give our customers the experience of playing in an exciting poker tournament without the need to invest any money.

All freerolls follow the same structure. You sit down with 50,000 chips and play blinds from 250/500/65a. The blinds increase every five minutes for the first 10 levels before dropping to three minute levels for the next 10 levels, then a two minute clock kicks in until a champion is crowned.

The specially designed structure ensures that most round-the-clock freerolls are finished and dusted within two to two and a half hours, which means you don’t have to spend years working to earn money. Additionally, the structure allows for plenty of play at the start of each tournament before drawing to a thrilling conclusion.

When are the 24-hour freerolls?

Our 24/7 freerolls run every hour, which means it doesn’t matter if you live in South America, the UK or Eastern Europe, there will be a freeroll going on or coming up, no matter what. or when you log in to your PartyPoker account.

These special freerolls shuffle and deal once per hour of every hour of every day. There’s no need to panic if you’re not ready to play when the freerolls start, as late registrations are open until the end of the 12th level, giving you plenty of time to participate in the freerolls. action and hopefully earn Party Dollars (P$).

What can I win with 24-hour freerolls?

What can you win from our 24-hour freerolls, we hear you ask. How about $2,5000 worth of Party Dollars every day? The free tournaments that are part of this ongoing promotion have prize pools worth $50, $100, $150 and $200. All winnings are paid out in Party Dollars, our flexible currency which you can spend in any real money poker game. Want to play in some of our biggest tournaments, but don’t want to participate in satellites? Why not take part in several Freerolls around the clock, save the Party Dollars you earn and use them to sign up for one of our great weekly events?

The Party Dollars (P$) won will be credited to your PartyPoker account within 48 hours of the end of the freeroll. Although you can save P$ in your account until you want to use it, they expire after 12 monthsso don’t forget them completely!

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