5 poker hands with ingenious names The 5 most curious hand names in poker

In our various analyzes on poker, we have already come across a large amount of interesting data and details that may exist in this game. The number of unusual expressions in the world of poker is unimaginable, especially since playing cards is universal and is a hobby that is found all over the world. This causes each civilization to see poker in a slightly different light and therefore play it differently depending on their beliefs. Beliefs that can then spread to other countries, thus making poker an ever richer and more varied activity, and which can even lead to the creation of decks of special cards that no longer have much to do with the classic pattern of poker.

It is not a summary of the official poker hands that we wish to make here, since you can already find all this on our website, but rather a presentation of the most remarkable hands of poker, so special that they ended up have their own name. All of these have a hidden story that explains their name, a story that can sometimes be funny, but also darker or simply related to a famous poker character. There are even some who rely solely on the numbers of the cards in the hand to give it a name; a practice that has become extremely common in the United States. And all players quickly end up using this jargon.

The hand of death

Although games like Texas Hold’em were not nearly as popular as they are today, poker was already attracting a good number of enthusiasts in the days of the American Old West. At that time, it was customary to play with your back to the wall in order to avoid the presence of a spy behind you but also to protect yourself from any possible attack. But in 1876, James Butler Hickock forgot these rules and paid for it with his life.

Wild Bill, as he is called, was assassinated with a shot in the back and he fell to the ground with the cards he had in his possession at the time still in hand. It was two Aces and two 8s, and that’s why a combination appears between these two cards, we speak of “hand of death”. In truth, we only call this hand that if the cards are clubs or spades, because this black color is the one that best conveyed the tragedy of this dark story. But now, in popular culture, all Ace-8 pairs are generally called this way.

The mathematician’s hand

In poker, making assumptions, calculations and predictions is essential to put in place the best possible game strategy. Each turn brings us concrete possibilities of ending up with a strong hand or a weak hand, although we already know that all this also depends on chance and therefore on the cards that will appear in the center of the table. The so-called “mathematician’s hand” is one that no one wants to have in their hands because of its complexity.

It is a hand made up of a 7 and a 4. It is understood in the poker world that the 7 and the 4 are cards with which it will be very difficult to win, and that it is proven impossible to hope for any positive outcome when they appear together. They are very low cards, and you will have to hit a perfect flop to hope to be able to pick up chips with them. If you touch them, it will be good to fold, unless you are a mathematician.

snake eyes

Another hand that has stood the test of time to become synonymous with bad luck is the instant two 1 hand. This is the so-called “snake’s eye”. In truth, this term comes from dice, not cards. In any casino, getting two 1s on the dice will make us think of two eyes and will be a symbol of bad luck. And that’s why this pair is associated with a reptile like the snake, which also carries its share of negative clichés.

Of course, in poker, having two 1s means having two Aces, and that’s obviously the best possible hand and it would be crazy to fold it. It will be in the poker variants with dice that inheriting this cursed pair will have greater repercussions and its nickname will take on its full meaning.

Texas cart

As a legendary character in our online series, Doyle Brunson is one of the most famous figures in world poker. Not only for being a pro in this discipline for over 50 years, but also for all the championships and all the money he has won over time; successes that ended up bringing him into the Hall of Fame poker. The American even has a hand to his name, and it’s the combination of 10 and 2.

It’s called “Texas Dolly”, after Brunson’s nickname, because it was with this hand that Doyle managed to win two consecutive bracelets at the World Series Of Poker in 1976 and 1977, among the 10 titles to his credit. And he always had a special affection for this hand throughout his career, and that’s why it’s called that now. Such a champion well deserved such a tribute.


From a statistical point of view, the Jack-9 hand can be considered an average hand, even a little low. Still, it’s one of the most underrated hands in poker, as it offers plenty of opportunities to end up with a very strong hand in the end. Thus, in Croatia, it is even one of the most revered hands in the game, as it is considered an auspicious sign.

And from there comes the name “Janana”, which does not really have a concrete meaning in Croatian but which simply indicates that the player can have confidence in this hand because it will bring him luck.

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