a forbidden move in poker

When you’re sitting around a poker table live, you have to be ready for anything. Poker may confront us with unusual situations, but it will be necessary to know how to comment and deal with it immediately. That’s why you have to be always focused. Just as you have to be alert to players who try to destabilize you, you have to be alert to those who are simply trying to cheat. As Spinoza said: “Laws are made to be broken”, and the world of cards is no exception to this rule. But can someone really cheat on something as trivial as bets? The truth is that yes, although fortunately it is not common.

People ready to free themselves from the rules of poker, there are everywhere. Fortunately, these were successfully removed from poker thanks to an energetic and exemplary response. And here becomes important to understand the difference between online poker and online poker. live. In online poker, gaming room software is programmed to prevent any attempt at cheating. Our poker software does the same, so you don’t have to worry about that, because it’s simply impossible to play. Being an automated computer system, it is incorruptible.

A player can sometimes make fairly common mistakes when placing a bet. For example, he can do a click error and click on the check button when he wanted to raise or he may not have seen his time bank run out and thus pass his turn without having been able to play. And these mistakes will be the most similar actions to any cheating in internet poker. One of the best sites that can help you in this field is بت فوروارد .But the situation is different in poker in live, where the chips are physically in the hands of the players and anything can happen. Playing by the rules is completely up to each person, so you have to trust everyone’s sense of ethics.

And if ever a player misses, then the croupier, the casino or the organizers of the tournament will intervene to take measures and explain very clearly that the chain bet are completely forbidden in poker in live. They should not be confused with legal moves such as blocking bets, making continuation bets, etc. These have nothing to do with what we are going to see in this article, and which are the different types of chain bet. At least the best known and those who are most likely to arrive around our table one day, because you never know.

THE chain bet most common

Without a doubt, the chain bet the most representative and which best allows us to understand why these are illegal is that of do not advance all the chips that you want to put at the same time in the center of the table. Suppose our tokens are organized into two rounds and we want to make a all-in. Legal is to catch all of his move rolls with both hands and slide them to the middle of the playmat. But it would be a problem to only advance one stack of chips first and then only move the second. several seconds later. In this case, the croupier will only take into account the first pile brought into play and will not allow the player to all-in as he intended.

And this because the player could take advantage of these few seconds of difference to gain additional information which the other players do not have. Let’s imagine that we are facing an opponent on whom we exert a lot of pressure, who does not hit good hands and who begins to think of defeat, but who also knows that we bluff quite frequently. A miser only one of our two piles of chips, our adversary could throw his cards on because he would have understood that we had a good hand, following this movement. But if he had known that our real objective was to go all-in, then he might have decided to call us, sensing a bluff, and therefore would have acted differently.

This is why this type of movement is considered a chain bet and that it is absolutely forbidden in all manners of playing poker. Another example is similar to that of the verbal bet in two stages, also illegal. This occurs when a player declares his bet by a sum of two different quantities. For example: “I put these 100,000, and I add 300,000.” In this case, the Merchant consider only the initial 100,000. We must indicate the value of our relaunch in a clear and indivisible manner for it to be accepted. Knowing that raising already assumes that you have accepted your opponent’s bet, and that you will bet more chips than him.

There is also another type of illegal wager, more popular in casinos, which is to deposit his chips just at the limit of the line of bets drawn on the table, without clearly indicating whether these tokens have exceeded the limit or not. This obviously only happens on tables where such a row exists. Likewise, it is prohibited to drop their chips one by one and slowly on the table, as only the first chip that hits the mat will be due as wagered. The most film-loving players would therefore do well to forget these behaviors that can be seen in the films, otherwise they will end up in the water.

In poker, there are rules and a way of betting that must be respected. End with the chain bet must be a mission in which all tournament players in live should be involved, just like in the fight against collusion between players or any other form of cheating.

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