Antonio Ortega of Malta leads the MILLIONS Online KO Main Event

Three of the six flights scheduled for the PartyPoker MILLIONS Online KO Main Event are complete and dusted, with the remaining three taking place May 28-29. Time is running out fast if you want to get into the mix and have any chance of snagging the lion’s share of the $500,000 guaranteed prize pool.

In those three starting days, some 515 of your fellow PartyPoker players have purchased or won their place in the $530 MILLIONS Online KO Main Event. However, at the time of writing, only 78 of those starters have punched their Day 2 tickets, locking in minimal cash for their efforts and any bonuses they’ve collected along the way.

Completed Day 1 of the MILLIONS Online KO Main Event

Flight Attendees Has progressed chip leader Fleas
Day 1A 210 32 Paulo Brombin 22,722,425
Day 1B 164 25 Antonio Ortega 23,619,050
Day 1C 141 21 Luis Dono 18,666,393

Day 1A saw the field of 210 players reduced to just 32, and Brazilian Paulo Brombin was the fastest in the block. Brombin has amassed 22,722,425 chips out of a starting stack of 1,000,000.

The second flight, Day 1B, attracted 164 players, 25 of whom qualified for Day 2 on May 29. Antonio Ortega of Malta pocketed 23,619,050 chips, enough for Day 1B and the overall chip lead.

Day 1C was the last flight; it took place on May 21. Only 21 of the 141 starters emerged unscathed, with Mexico’s Luis Dono’s 18,666,393 stack being the biggest of the night.

MILLIONS Online KO Main Event Top 10 Chip Counts

Place Player Country Fleas
1 Antonio Ortega Malta 23,619,050
2 Paulo Brombin Brazil 22,722,425
3 Bartha Christian Hungary 19,265,232
4 Luis Dono Mexico 18,666,393
5 Eugenio Peralta Ireland 18,152,910
6 Mikkel Astradsson Denmark 14,624,617
7 Federico Cirillo Malta 12,784,604
8 Steven Van Zadelhoff Malta 12,561,583
9 Sourasay Souvanh Canada 10,779,213
ten Patrice Brandt United Kingdom 9,999,370

If you are planning to participate in one of the remaining flights of the MILLIONS Online KO Main Event and aspire to finish in the top ten chip counts, you will need to turn your starting stack into at least 10 million!

UK-based Frenchman Patrice Brandt currently sits in tenth place, with 9,999,370 chips at his disposal. Brandt fights his way to a bigger prize than min-cash as he already has $875 in bounty payments locked in.

Whoever wants to become the chip leader and give themselves the best chance of becoming the PartyPoker MILLIONS Online KO Main Event Champion will have to shine brightly on the Day 1 of their choice. For what ? Because Antonio Ortega is the current chip leader, his stack has 23,619,050 betting chips. Only Paulo Brombin, with 22,722,425, has more than 20 million.

Unsurprisingly, Ortega has racked up the most bounties to date. The Malta-based pro has $1,750 in scalps under his belt. Denmark’s Mikkel Astradsson also has $1,750 of the bounty pool in his PartyPoker accounts; Astradsson now sits in sixth place.

Win your spot in the MILLIONS Online KO Main Event

Don’t worry if the $530 buy-in for the PartyPoker MILLIONS Online KO Main Event is out of your bankroll constraints, as we have plenty of satellites feeding into the guaranteed $500,000 tournament.

Centrolls costing $0.01, as the name suggests, are your cheapest route to the Main Event. They finally power the MILLIONS Online KO Main Event Day 1D on Saturday May 28th at 5:00 PM BST, with 40 seats guaranteed! You can’t buy this finale; you must play your way through one of the $16.50 buy-in Phase 2 satellites.

You can also win MILLIONS Online KO tickets with our special SPINS edition. These $20 buy-in SPINS primarily pay $40 cash or a $55 MILLION online KO ticket, but they also award $109, $215, $320, and $530 tickets, the latter of which is sufficient for get you into the $500,000 Guaranteed Main Event!

Multiplier 1st prize Frequency in 1M games
2 $40 cash 600,000
2.75 $55 MILLION online knockout ticket 315,000
5.45 $109 MILLION online knockout ticket 50,000
10.75 $215 MILLION Online KO Ticket 25,000
16 $320 MILLION Online KO Ticket 5,000
26.5 $530 MILLION Online KO Ticket 5,000

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