Are you playing Big Saturday this weekend?

Are you playing Big Saturday this weekend?

Let’s be honest, Saturday night TV usually sucks, right? The same old recycled ideas interspersed with boring advertisements for products you have no intention of buying. So what can you do to entertain yourself on a Saturday night? You could do much worse than log into your PartyPoker account.

Big Saturday is one of our popular Daily Legend tournaments that takes place on, you guessed it, a Saturday night; 6.05pm BST to be exact. This $215 buy-in No-Limit Hold’em event comes with a guaranteed minimum of $20,000 in its prize pool, while its blind structure is designed to end at a reasonable time. without compromising the average stack size towards the commercial end of the tournament. What’s not to like?

Players who directly purchase The Big Saturday for $215 receive one million chips. The clock is set to 12 minutes throughout the tournament, with late registrations remaining open until the end of the 12th level. If you choose to enter the fashion late at level 12, your stack will still be the equivalent of 20 big blinds; that’s how big this blind structure is.

The Big Saturday Blind Structure (Until late registration ends)

Level blinds ante
1 5,000/10,000 1,250
2 5,500/11,000 1,370
3 6,000/12,000 1,500
4 7,000/14,000 1,750
5 8,000/16,000 2,000
6 9,000/18,000 2,250
7 10,000/20,000 2,500
8 12,500/25,000 3,100
9 15,000/30,000 3,750
ten 17,500/35,000 4,400
11 20,000/40,000 5,000
12 25,000/50,000 6,250

Win Your Big Saturday Seat for $0.01

We realize that a $215 buy-in is a bit pricey for some of our customers, so we’ve made Big Saturday a staged event. You can enter any phase of your bankroll, from the $0.01 The Big Saturday Centrolls all the way up to the final The Big Saturday phase at $215.

Our centrolls award 20 tickets at $1.10 for Phase 1 tournaments. Please be aware that centroll winners are automatically entered into the next available Phase 1.

Skip Phase 1 to play in a $5.50 Phase 2, then a $22 Phase 3. Progress from Phase 3 and you’ll take your chips all the way to the End Phase, which means you could be sitting down with over a million starting stacks!

As of this writing, “nvrmind” has done just that. They will enter The Big Saturday on June 24 with 1,479,232 tokens! Four others join him with more than the starting stack!

The results of the final table of the big Saturday (June 17)

A superb blind structure and a field containing more recreational players than usual for a $215 buy-in tournament aside, what can you expect from The Big Saturday?

The Big Saturday on June 17 saw 105 players enter the finals with high hopes of becoming a PartyPoker Champion. All but 20 of those starters went home empty-handed, though those who made it to the financial centers locked up at least $432.22 for their efforts.

Prize money rose to $606.93 for everyone at the nine-handed final table, with the five finishers helping themselves to a four-figure sum.

“bb3nder” was one of those five players; they raised $1,161. “Gsshsh” finished in fourth place for $1,529, with “eliaselammar” cashing in for $2,120 when their deep run ended abruptly in third.

Heads-up pitted ‘PkrPjotr’ against ‘KingSuited’ in a battle for the biggest share of the $20,704 prize pool. The head-to-head battle went PkrPjotr’s way, and they were awarded $4,675 and the championship title, leaving KingSuited to wonder what could have been, despite their PartyPoker account balance increasing by $3,044. Not bad for a night’s work.

The tournament ends shortly after 00:15 BST on June 18, just over six hours from start to finish. You can think of worse ways to spend a Saturday night!

Place Player Price
1 PkrPjotr $4,675
2 KingSuite $3,044
3 eliaselammar $2,120
4 Gsshsh $1,529
5 bb3nder $1,161
6 double black $949
7 RogerTondeur $818
8 NameChange_zzZZ $710
9 uucaid_Im020 $606

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