Bulgarian Bogdanov Hits MILLIONS Online KO 6-Max Gold

Yulian Bogdanov is on cloud nine this morning after using a MILLIONS Online KO title on PartyPoker. Bogdanov from Bulgaria came out on top in the $215 Guaranteed 6-Max Championship with a buy-in of $200,000 and took home $32,631 including bounty payouts.

The multi-day event drew a crowd of 1,111 attendees, who ensured the guarantee was exceeded by $22,200. Some 165 of those newbies made it to Day 2, each with minimal cash in tow, plus any bounty payments they picked up along the way.

The Day 2 board was littered with established names that wouldn’t have seemed out of place in a tournament with a buy-in ten times this one. Those who cashed in the 6-Max Championship included former MILLIONS Online Main Event Champion Endrit Geci, Jerry Odeen, Niklas Astedt, Michael Sklenicka, Kenny Hallaert and fellow MILLIONS Online Champion Benjamin Chalot.

There was also a cash prize for our very own Patrick Leonard.

Seven PartyPoker players made it to the final table knowing they were just six eliminations away from becoming a MILLIONS Online KO champion. Those sevens became six when Finland’s Elias Suhonen retired and took home $2,317 for his efforts.

Brazilian Gustav Cerejeira fell to sixth for $4,289 before Team PartyPoker’s Matt Staples retired to fifth for an addition of $6,043 to his bankroll.

Henrique Coutinho dropped to fourth for $7,851, which was the last payout not to weigh in the five figures.

Heads-up was set when Eugenio Peralta ran out of steam in third place. The Brazilian, although disappointed not to emerge victorious from this high-stakes event, must be happy with the $12,587 he collected.

Peralta’s elimination left Bogdanov head-to-head against John Adderley of the United Kingdom in a battle for the massive final bounty payment. Bogdanov got the job done and added an $18,226 premium to his top prize of $14,405 for a total of $32,631. Adderley went into the evening with a consolation prize of $17,848.

MILLIONS Online KO #05 6-Max Championship Final Table Results

Place Player Country Premiums Price Total price
1 Yulian Bogdanov Bulgaria $18,226 $14,405 $32,631
2 John Adderley United Kingdom $3,466 $14,382 $17,848
3 Eugenio Peralta Ireland $3,148 $9,439 $12,587
4 Henrique Coutinho Brazil $1,216 $6,365 $7,581
5 Matt Staples Canada $1,774 $4,269 $6,043
6 Gustavo Cerejeira Brazil $1,179 $3,110 $4,289
7 Elias Suhonen Finland $150 $2,167 $2,317

The Brazilian fights his way to victory for the Sunday Party

The MILLIONS Online KO edition of the popular Sunday Party has once again beaten its guarantee with 1,522 players creating a prize pool of $152,200. Half of this princely sum went on each player’s head, with the remaining 50% being shared among the top 263 players.

Brazil’s players occupied five of the nine seats at the final table, so it was no surprise to see the famous green and yellow flag displayed next to the champion. Indeed, it was a Brazilian one-two in the end.

Once, Eduardo Custodio ($2,349), Nathan Rose ($2,389), Bruno Lopes De Castro ($1,910), Aleksandr Balashov ($2,341), Malte Schirmacher ($3,039), Michel Perreira ($4,432 $) and Euan Baxter ($7,332) had busted, Guilherme Rimbano and fellow Brazilian Lazaro Tupy locked the horns one-on-one.

Both players guaranteed themselves over $8,600 from the main prize pool, and both had won multiple bounties on their way to heads-up. Rimbano came out on top and landed a score worth $17,471, leaving Tupy to collect a still respectable $13,650.

MILLIONS Online KO #06 Sunday Night Final Table Results

Place Player Country Premiums Price Total price
1 Guilherme Rimbano Brazil $8,827 $8,644 $17,471
2 Lazaro Tupi Brazil $5,021 $8,629 $13,650
3 Euan Baxter United Kingdom $1,762 $5,570 $7,332
4 Michael Pereira Brazil $758 $3,674 $4,432
5 Malta Schirmacher Germany $542 $2,497 $3,039
6 Alexander Balashov Mexico $436 $1,905 $2,341
7 Bruno Lopes De Castro Brazil $523 $1,387 $1,910
8 Nathan Rose United Kingdom $1,282 $1,107 $2,389
9 Eduardo Custodio Brazil $1,479 $870 $2,349

The MILLIONS Online KO series continues until May 29, and there are still a few massive tournaments to play. Among those tournaments is the $500,000 Guaranteed Main Event with a $530 buy-in, which saw 57 of 374 participants punch their Day 2 tickets on the first try.

The following 1 days take place at 7:05 p.m. BST on May 21, 7:05 p.m. BST on May 28, 4:05 p.m. BST on May 29, and 5:05 p.m. BST on May 29.

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