Can you conquer the Daily Legends masters at PartyPoker?

What are you looking for in an online multi-table tournament? An affordable buy-in? Check. Decent prices? Check. Amazing structure? Check. An event that doesn’t take forever to complete. Check. You, my friend, just described the Daily Legends Masters.

Daily Legends Masters is incredibly popular with other PartyPoker players because it ticks all the boxes above. This tournament comes with a $55 buy-in, though there are dozens of satellites starting at just $0.01, and boasts a guaranteed $5,000 on its prize pool, placing the Daily Legends Masters in the middle of the medium stakes category.

Buy or earn your place in the Daily Legends Masters, which shuffles and transacts daily at 5.30pm BST, and you’ll enter the mix armed with a War Chest containing 50,000 Tokens. Each level lasts 10 minutes and the blinds for the first level are only 250/500/65a.

Late registration remains open until the end of the tenth level, during which time you can re-enter once if you dust off that generous starting stack. We only allow one re-entry to prevent players with larger bankrolls from being able to essentially buy their way to the cash spot.

If you decide to show up just as the tenth level is about to end, your starting stack of 50,000 will be worth 25 big blinds, which is still a playable stack!

Late Registration Daily Legends Master Structure

Level little blind big blind ante
1 250 500 65
2 300 600 75
3 350 700 90
4 400 800 100
5 500 1,000 125
6 600 1,200 150
7 700 1,400 175
8 800 1,600 200
9 900 1,800 250
ten 1,000 2,000 315

Sample Daily Legends Masters Final Table

The Daily Legends Masters which took place on June 30 attracted 101 participants, which meant that a prize pool of $5,050 was created. The top 20 finishers shared this princely sum, with PartyPoker players who finished in the money walking away with $105 for their efforts.

That sum rose to $148 by the time the nine-handed final table was reached.

“ancap” won this award when he finished ninth. “Breatrix Kiddo” took in $173 for eighth place, with “Objectify” turning her $55 into $199 after dropping to seventh place.

The elimination of “TenthTale” in sixth came with a salary of $231, while “Puck_” tumbled to $283 when their tournament ended abruptly in fifth.

“MyAtM” and “s1mpl33” were the next casualties at the final table. They saw their bankroll increase by $373 and $517, respectively; the latter’s elimination sent the Daily Legends Masters into the heads-up portion of the tournament.

Heads-up pitted “BlindRooster” against “TheShining”. Although cleared, the heads-up duo did not discuss a deal and ended the tournament in traditional fashion. After an intense one-on-one battle, “BlindRooster” came out on top and took home the top prize of $1,140, ​​leaving “TheShining” to collect the consolation prize of $742.

From start to finish, this Daily Legends Masters ended five hours and 35 minutes after the first maps were launched, meaning the tournament was finished and dusted at 23:05 BST, allowing even the champion to have a good night’s rest, if he was not. celebrate their victory until dawn, that is!

Place Player Price
1 BlindRooster $1,140
2 the brilliant $742
3 s1mpl33 $517
4 MyAtM $373
5 Puck_ $283
6 Tenth Tale $231
7 Objective $199
8 Breatrix Kiddo $173
9 ancap $148

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