Do you want to participate in the Grand Prix Spring Main Event for $3?

THE Spring Grand Prize the series continues to gather momentum en route to a thrilling conclusion on April 3, with multiple flights this weekend for the trio of main events, as well as Grand Prix editions of the Sunday party And Sunday CarnivalI. What if the PartyPoker blog told you that you could play in all of these mentioned tournaments from just $3?

Although there are various satellites operating 24 hours a day from as little as $0.01, the Grand Prix Spring Edition SPINS may be your best shot at playing in one of the highest buy-in tournaments. Not everyone has time to win satellites, so a three-player hyper-turbo sit & go might be right up your alley.

Grand Prix Spring Edition SPINS only costs $3 to enter, and are finished and dusted in minutes. They come with six randomly selected prize multipliers that award prizes ranging from $6 cash to Spring Grand Prix tickets worth $11, $22, $33, $55 and $109. With the Sunday Carnival costing $22, the Grand Prix Spring Main Event commanding a buy-in of $55, and entry to the Sunday Carnival weighing in at $109, you could win tickets to these tournaments in minutes for just $3!

Spring Edition Grand Prix SPINS Payouts

Multiplier 1st place Frequency in 1M games
2 $6 cash 707,000
3.67 $11 Grand Prix ticket 229,500
7.34 $22 Grand Prix Ticket 50,000
11 $33 Grand Prix Ticket 8,000
6:34 p.m. $55 Grand Prix Ticket 5,000
36.34 Grand Prix ticket at $109 500

Spring SPINS Grand Prizes are currently in the SPINS lobby and are available on your computer, laptop and PartyPoker mobile app.

Claim your $22 or $109 buy-in with our Early Bird offer

Are you aware of our value-added Early Bird promotion running during the Grand Prix Spring Series? You need to know this, because doing so could get your $22 Sunday Carnival and $109 Sunday Party buy-ins into your account, essentially making both tournaments a freeroll.

The mechanics of the Early Bird offer are simple. All that’s required of you is to sign up for the $22 Sunday Carnival, the $109 Sunday Party, or both before they mingle with the deal on 7:05 p.m. GMT on March 26 and April 2SO finish in the top 50. Handle that, and we’ll refund your buy-in in the form of a tournament ticket of the same value, giving you another shot at glory on us.

The March 19 edition of Sunday Carnival saw 2,338 PartyPoker players register and bet for a share of the guaranteed $50,000. Once the dust settles, “Albandy514” was the last player standing, and they walked away with $5,246 for their efforts. Indeed, the top five turned their $22 investment into over $1,000.

Place Player Premiums Price Total price
1 Albady514 $2,374 $2,872 $5,246
2 fishmeifyoucan $1,056 $2,866 $3,922
3 the alchemist $233 $1,845 $2,078
4 Most recent call9 $559 $1,214 $1,773
5 csufi197405 $208 $822 $1,030
6 PKSVD19 $329 $625 $954
7 Carlos RC $510 $453 $963
8 Black coffee $173 $359 $532
9 Shyfflowich $113 $281 $394

The Sunday Party on the same day attracted 1,433 players and saw $150,000 awarded to the top finishers and those who managed to send an opponent to the showers. It was a great day at the office for “Oh Wahle” who won the event for $16,815, with the second “mmamada” also bringing in five figures, namely $11,772.

Place Player Premiums Price Total price
1 OhWhale $7,854 $8,961 $16,815
2 mmamada $2,826 $8,946 $11,772
3 weejamylee $1,786 $5,778 $7,564
4 LE_DONALD $713 $3,813 $4,526
5 Leon1909 $1,222 $2,593 $3,815
6 lxllO4cg9-fxtko $505 $1,980 $2,485
7 astro world $226 $1,442 $1,668
8 Yadinh0 $1,817 $1,152 $2,969
9 MRJULIUS $673 $907 $1,580

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