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Great results from Saturday’s final table
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The last big saturday has crowned its victor, and it is “Drogbaa” who can call himself a PartyPoker champion for the next seven days. The Big Saturday saw 128 players register, which left an overlay of nearly $4,300, adding more value to an already great tournament.

Twenty-three of 128 starters saw a return on their investment, so spare a moment of reflection for the 24th-place finisher “yagrebulave” who was the unfortunate soul who burst the all-important money bubble. With the bursting of the bubble, surviving players locked in at least $534.19 for their efforts.

By the time the nine-man final table was set, the minimum money was $825.13, with all but two players making four-figure sums.

“bartholin8” saw their time at the final table limited as they retired in ninth. Eighth place and the final triple-digit score, $974.37 to be exact, went to “derlangegrinderJR.” Everyone now saw over $1,100 in their account.

“RinxFrinkX” broke in seventh for $1,128 before “For_thon” was caught without the good and had to settle for the sixth-place prize of $1,316. Fifth place and $1,620 went to “SkytPoker” with “Exotic Jose” falling by the wayside in fourth, a good finish for $2,148.

The three-handed game ended and the tournament moved into the exciting heads-up stage when “olespengefabrik” runs out of steam in third. Although disappointed not to go all the way, the third can’t be too disappointed to have turned $109 into $2,997.

Pitted heads-up “Leonel_pepsi” against “Drogabaa.” There was more than $2,100 difference between first and second place money, but neither of the bottom two players was interested in making a deal. Instead, they wrapped up Big Saturday as planned.

After an intense head-to-head battle, Drogbaa clinched the title and the top prize of $6,491, leaving Leonel_pepsi at the consolation prize of $4,322.

Big Saturday final table results

Place Player Price
1 Drogba $6,491
2 Leonel_pepsi $4,322
3 olespengefabrik $2,997
4 Jose Exotico $2,148
5 SkytPoker $1,620
6 For_thon $1,316
7 RinxFrinX $1,128
8 derlangegrinderJr $974
19 bartholin8 $825

The great action continues on Sunday

The Big Saturday may be over and dusted off, but that doesn’t mean the end of the hot action at PartyPoker this weekend as Sunday is filled with amazing tournaments waiting for you to beat them and claim their juicy top prizes!

Sunday Carnival starts at 19:05 GMT. It only costs $22 to enter but has a huge Guaranteed $75,000 prize pool! Usually the Sunday carnival guarantees $50,000, but this week and the February 26 edition have their guarantees increased to $75,000.

Also current at 19:05 GMT is the $109 buy-in $150,000 guaranteed. Last weekend, “Chunkayyy” outlasted 1,449 opponents before winning $17,016. Will you be in the circle of winners of the Sunday Party this weekend?

Also, don’t forget the Supers as these tournaments feature buy-ins ranging from $5.50 to $530 and offer guarantees of up to $50,000.

Then there is the $1,050 Grand Prix, which always has cheaper phases until the start time of 17:05 GMT. Swedish legend Niklas Astedt picked up The Grand on February 12 and
picked up $22,255 in the process.

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