Everything you need to know about the 2022 WSOP World Series Of Poker 2022: the numbers

THE World Series of Poker 2022 awarded their 53th edition for 2 months, from May 31 to July 20. Sufficient time to allow the organization of the various events of this tournament among the most important in the world, if not the most important. Series whose Main Event will logically have been the most followed and the most raised, with nearly 5 million dollars in jackpot assured at the start and which has reached magnitudes that we can now analyze with a little hindsight.

The organizers of these WSOP had the idea of ​​making this post-covid edition one of the biggest in history in terms of attendance. After 17 years of harmonious collaboration with the managers of the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino, the event was moved this year to the heart of the Las Vegas Strip, to Bally’s and Paris Hotel & Casino. This casino will become the Horseshoe in the near future and will thus offer the possibility of the WSOP returning to its place of origin, where the very first championships took place in 1970.

With more than 18,500 square meters and 600 poker tables, players did not have to hesitate this time when choosing between online poker or poker live. The time to face each other face-to-face again had come, because during the worst periods of the pandemic he had to resolve to have to play only on the Internet. So what to remember from these World Series Of Poker 2022?

Individual awards

The player who, without a shadow of a doubt, will have had the most impact on this edition of the World Series is the Norwegian Espen Jorstad. Winner of the Main Event, he became the player to walk away with the most money in the history of the WSOP, with over $10 million in prize money. His last opponent during the heads upthe australian AdrianAn Attenborough, won him the tidy sum of 6 million dollars, which brings him directly to the second place of this ranking of the biggest gains at the WSOP, although he left without a bracelet. The Oceanian was therefore beaten by the best player in Norway, who also had to get rid of Felix Stephensen, finalist in 2014.

The most incredible thing is that Jorstad also managed to win another world bracelet in the Tag Team No Limits event, along with the British Patrick Leonard, in a rather special game which is therefore played by two players and which is a real challenge to the most classic poker rules. The Scandinavian therefore shares the poster with the Americans Laurent Brandt And Daniel Zacthemselves winners of two bracelets during these WSOP 2022. But perhaps even more impressive is the number of tournaments finished in places paid by Yuegi Zhu : 18. If for many it is already extremely difficult to finish only once in the paid places, imagine achieving this performance nearly twenty times.

In the list of millionaires (that is to say the players having won more than a million dollars on this edition), they are 24 to find themselves in the group of players having won between 1 and 2 million. In that of the gains between 2 and 5 million, we find 8 lucky ones and it is William Alex Foxen who is the highest. While in the group of players who have won more than 5 million dollars, only the last two survivors of the Main Event are present, quite logically.

Note that Attenborough is at the top of the ranking of the biggest wins taking into account only young players, and that the first Frenchman in the normal ranking is Jonathan Pastor en 43th position with $784,502 earned.

A word finally on the female successes during these World Series Of Poker, with the Austrian Jessica Teusl and the American Kate Kopp who are the only two women to have won a bracelet this year. Ethymia Litsou with $323,100 and Cherish Andrews with 10 places paid, two compatriots of Kopp, are respectively at the top of the classification of the women having won the most earnings and that of the women with the most places paid on the meter.

Awards by country

If we now look at the most successful countries, it is no surprise that we find the United States at the top of all possible rankings. With 65 bracelets, they have dominated this 2022 edition head and shoulders since their closest pursuers are Canada with 5 and Great Britain and… France with 4. In the ranking of the biggest gains, it is the United Kingdom, Canada and Norway which are hot on the heels of the United States, France being a little further. Finally in that of paid places, we find again the trio Canada-France-Great Britain in pursuit of the United States, but with a nice gap, while it is Brazil and Germany which ranks in 5th and 6th posts.

If all these figures have thrilled you and you now want to participate in the WSOP one day, do not hesitate to consult our calendar of poker tournaments and try your luck against our large community of players, because it is certain that these confrontations will allow you to improve your game.

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