how to deal with nuts in poker

Even for a player who already knows the rules of poker perfectly, the concept of nuts in poker could be surprising and even more so how to use them strategically during a game. Have the nuts means having the highest hand possible around the table at some point in the game, making his chances of winning very high. This does not mean, however, that such a poker game could not witness an unexpected turn of events offering a dramatic finale and against all odds, but such an about-face would only be due to pure luck and not to the talent of the adversary.

The term of nuts a strange origin that dates back centuries before, when American cowboys roamed the Old West. Already during the 19th centuryth century and early 20thth century, poker was played on the borders of the United States. There was nothing surprising in finding small tournaments between friends in village inns, and card games were often the order of the day around saloon tables. Playing poker was a way to pass the time, but also a way to pay off debts.

Thus, the cowboys’ bets were not only made with hard coins but also with objects that allowed them to prolong their presence around the table. What was most dear to the cowboys was the basic element of any cow herder, namely their cart. Carts were highly regarded in those days, and they used to havea nut in their wheels that we called the ” nut “. Without these, a tank simply could not move forward. And that’s why the cowboys used them as a guarantee around the table, the guarantee that no one would have the means to escape if the game turned against them.

And this is also why, if a player deposited his nuts on the table, his opponents could be sure that he had the best hand imaginable. They would be immediately suspicious, although it could still be a huge bluff. It all depended on the “impassive face” of the player betting his nuts. This story of nuts then crossed the ages to become a recurring term in current poker. Such an important concept in poker live than in online poker tournaments and which, as always, has its own strategy.

The strategy of nuts

The first thing to keep in mind is that play them nuts EST a priori very simple, at least in theory. If a player has the best possible hand, his chances of winning are enormous and therefore his objective will be to make his opponents pay. To do this, you will have to know how to keep calm and wait for the right moment to reveal your intentions, otherwise all the other players will realize the situation and fold immediately. And all this will always depend on the type of players around the table, knowing that there will often be one who also thinks they have the nuts. Against him, you can be offensive from the start and without the slightest reservation, because he will pay.

The simplest theory tells us that we must make a diversionary move during the pre-flop or flop, to make a small bet during the turn and go all out river. With some nuts in hand, logic dictates that the turn ends with a all-in. Although for this, it is still necessary to make a distinction between the nuts. On the one hand, there is the nut current, which is the best possible hand at a specific moment in the game, but which does not remove the possibility that it could be beaten by surprise by another hand thanks to a river unexpected for example. And on the other hand we have the nut Absolute, which is the best hand in all of poker, is which is the royal flush and not the four of aces. For all this, knowing how to classify poker hands will be essential.

Where the nuts Clearly uncertain are the hands where the cards common to all players seem to offer many flush or full house possibilities. In these cases, it will be fundamental to carefully analyze the situation to determine whether or not we have the nuts in hand or if, on the contrary, this very good hand ultimately has a good chance of being beaten. And know how to recognize nuts in the hands of another player will also be essential. Moreover, there are some players who like to boast that they have the nuts. Guessing whether they are telling the truth or not will be your only goal.

And, most importantly, what we must not do is to continually think that our adversary has the nuts and it is impossible to win against him. Psychologically, such reasoning could only demoralize us. And we will also have to know how to analyze the situation differently depending on the type of our rivals, between those who play a lot of hands and those who follow the standards of the game. soft.

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