MILLIONS enters the last day

We have reached the last day of the Party Poker MILLIONS main event, but also the last day of the first Irish Poker Festival. Today, the Grand Prix and High Roller events will conclude, along with the main event. There will also be a Monsterstack event and a final PLO 7-Max tournament will close the festival.

Irish Poker Festival tournament schedule for Sunday, November 5
Start time Membership Event Name Guarantee
11:00 €300 Hyper Satellite High Roller
12:00 p.m. €350 Last day of MILLIONS at the Irish Poker Festival €700,000
2:00 p.m. €550 Leinster Poker Cup
2:00 p.m. €2,500 Last day of the High Roller €100,000
3:00 p.m. €2,500 pile of monsters
7:00 p.m. €400 OLP 7-Max

MILLIONS Day 2 Summary

Another 34 players entered the MILLIONS main event at the start of day two, joining the 125 who made it through day one. In total, 286 players registered for the tournament, to create a total prize pool of €766,838. The attrition rate was rapid with 40% of Day 2 players being eliminated within the first two levels of the day and by the first break only 98 remained. The pace of releases slowed and the tournament then entered a more serious phase, with players focused on hitting the business side of the poker equation, with the top 29 getting paid.

Many were abandoned, with their dreams of becoming the first Irish Festival MILLIONS champion left in tatters for most. Among the dead were Bart Lybaert, Niall Farrell, Dara O’Kearney, Chris Dowling, Dominik Nitsche, James Mahone, Barry Moore and the very dapper Jose Rafael Mote de Silva. If there had been a competition for the best dressed man at the festival, José (see main photo) would have had every chance of winning this trophy.

At the end of the day, only 15 competitors remained and they returned today to resume play at noon. Glenn Keogh, who was the chip leader on day 1c, remained at the top of the rankings, with 2,363,000, a lead of more than half a million over his closest rival, Briton Richard Kellett. Tomas MacNamamara in third, Andrew Hedley in 4th and Ankit Ahuja in 5th were the only other players to cross the 1m mark. Other players in the running include Michal Molenaar, Darren Harbinson and Andy Black.

Irish Poker Festival MILLIONS Final Day Chip Count
Player Number of tokens
Glenn Keogh 2,363,000
Richard Kellet 1,654,000
Thomas McNamara 1,648,000
Andrew Hedley 1,369,000
Ankit Ahuja 1,235,000
Liam Knight 962,000
Padraig O’Neil 824,000
Barry Carson 768,000
Ross Coveney 665,000
Andy Black 566,000
Michel Molenaar 556,000
Conor Bergin 460,000
Sébastien Proulx 447,000
Pangiotis Mavritsakis 417,000
Darren Harbinson 366,000

Grand Prix Update

Also yesterday, two more Grand Prix flights took place, with 92 on day 1b and 118 on day 1c for a total field of 267 riders. Only 44 of those runners are still among the runners for day two and all are aiming for a share of the €130,160 prize pool and a shot at the first place prize of €32,000. Here is the number of fleas of the survivors of the two flights.

Grand Prix Day 1b Survivors
Player Number of tokens
Wojciech Szczytkowski 366,000
David Costello 329,000
James O’Brien 229,000
Youness Barakat 222,000
John Patten 198,000
Jamie Cunningham 185,000
David O’Kelly 185,000
Marc MacDonnell 182,000
Robert McDowell 147,000
Shawn Morales 143,000
Sam Browne 141,000
Declan O’Hara 137,000
Larry Ryan 117,000
Damien Byrne 110,000
James Groarke 83,000
Grand Prix Day 1c Survivors
Player Number of tokens
Merivan Hassan 430,000
John Farrell 341,000
David Costello 329,000
Alexander Nagreckis 307,000
Dominique Fischer 235,000
John Daly 229,000
Viesturs Baumanis 206,000
Johnathen McCullagh 201,000
Mirea Rus 185,000
Surend Naidoo 178,000
Eric Doyle 150,000
Maximilian Sanders 145,000
James O’Sullivan 137,000
James Noonan 133,000
Knut Berntsen 119,000
Dylan Sweeney 115000
Eoin O’Shea 110000
Peter Toth 81000
Michal Zimani 52000
Florian Lohnert 37000

Final table live updates are underway Poker Listsand there is a tournament clock which everyone can access with live information on the remaining players, in all events.

Jonathan Raab

Irish Poker Festival Media Coordinator

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