MILLIONS Irish Poker Festival – Final Table!

After just under two and a half hours of play on the third day of the Irish Poker Festival’s MILLIONS main event, the final table was reached. Fifteen players returned today and only nine remain in the running for the top prize of €210,000 and the honor of being the first ever Irish Poker Festival champion!

The first players eliminated were Conor Bergin (15th) and Canadian Sebastian Prouix (14th), who each received €8,000 in prize money. Ross Coveney (13th) pocketed €9,000, while Ankit Ahuja (12th) added €10,000 to his bankroll. Popular Northern Irish player Darren Harbinson with his adorable card-protecting blue bunny came out 11th, winning €12,000, while 10th-placed Panagiotios Mavritsakis narrowly missed out on a place on the final table, winning a €15,000 prize. as a consolation.

Glenn Keogh increased his lead further, taking a 1 million lead into the final table, with just under 4 million in chips, with Thomas MacNamara in second place with just under 3 million. Richard Kellett of the United Kingdom is third on just over 2.5m, while Michel Molanaar of the Netherlands is fourth on 1.9m. Liam Chevalier is 5th and is the last of the millionaires in chips over 1.3m, while Andrew Hedley (700,000), Barry Carson (370,000), Padraig O’Neill (245,000) and Andy Black (225,000) are languishing in short stack territory.

Final table of the Irish Poker Festival MILLIONS Main Event
Player Number of tokens
Glenn Keogh 3,940,000
Thomas McNamara 2,940,000
Richard Kellet 2,595,000
Michel Molenaar 1,895,000
Liam Knight 1,390,000
Andrew Hedley 700,000
Barry Carson 370,000
Padraig O’Neill 245,000
Andy Black 225,000

The last nine remaining poker warriors will now compete to win the jackpot. Here’s a reminder of what they’re playing for.

Irish Poker Festival Main Event Payouts MILLIONS
Final position Price
1 €210,000
2 €120,000
3 €75,000
4 €56,500
5 €44,000
6 €35,000
7 €28,000
8 €22,840
9 €18,500

Good luck to all finalists!

Jonathan Raab

Irish Poker Festival Media Coordinator

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