MILLIONS moves to day 2

The first four days of the Irish Poker Festival’s Party Poker MILLIONS main event are now available. Coupled with buy-ins before the start of Day 2, the €700,000 guarantee has been exceeded. With a total of 286 entries and a prize pool of €766,840, the second day of the event is now underway, as the remaining contenders battle it out for a place on the final table and a chance at the top prize of 210 000 €. This will buy more Guinness than Padriag Parkinson can consume in a typical weekend, typically.

The last 29 players standing (technically they should be seated) will win the prize money, with the minimum amount being €6,000. These are full payments.

Irish Poker Festival Main Event Payouts MILLIONS
Final position Price Final position Price
1 €210,000 9 €18,500
2 €120,000 ten €15,000
3 €75,000 11 €12,000
4 €56,500 12 €10,000
5 €44,000 13 €9,000
6 €35,000 14-17 €8,000
7 €28,000 18-24 €7,000
8 €22,840 25-29 €6,000

A high quality field gathered for what is the first big buy-in event in Ireland for many years and although there were some doubts before the festival as to whether the guarantee would be met, it been well supported by Irish and international players.

As expected, Day 1c on Friday was the biggest start day, with 136 registrations, 75 of which have been successful so far. The chip leader of this overnight flight was Glenn Keogh with 307,100 chips, who finished more than 120,000 ahead of his closest challengers. David Miscikowski (189,300) and Niall Farrell (180,800) are the second biggest stacks.

MILLIONS Day 1c Number of surviving tokens
Player Number of tokens Player Number of tokens
Glenn Keogh 307 100 Michael Dwyer 72,000
David Miscikowski 189,300 Tom Powell 71 100
Niall Farrell 180,800 Andrew Toole 69,900
Jose Rafael Mota de Silva 173,300 Mirea Rus 69,500
Scott Margereson 171,000 Yehong Luo 69,400
Weijie Zheng 159,200 Audrius Daugvilavivicius 68,700
Ilan Cukrowicz 155,800 Christophe Day 68,400
Padraig O’Neil 155,300 Eugene Barbaros 68,200
Daryl McAleenan 152 100 David Masters 67,400
Conor O’Rourke 148,300 Orestis Kanakopoulos 65,500
Kyle Rafferty 148,200 David Graves 65,000
Thomas Gerard O’Brien 146,800 Liam Knight 64,600
John Dwyer 142,000 Sacha Le Breton 63,600
Colum Higgins 137,900 James Noonan 59,000
Ross Coveney 130,900 Graham Ivany 58,000
Michal Plichta 128,300 Arnaud Enselme 56,800
Jamie Brent 127,700 Darren Millar 55,600
Andrew Hedley 127,400 Gareth McMahon 54,700
Marc Reilly 122,800 Benjamin Yaniw 53,600
Simon Wilson 122,000 Justin Boyle 53 100
Sean Foley 121,500 Keith Touhey 52,800
Michal Zimani 119,200 John Farrell 52,700
Colm Tuite 112,700 Frasier Bellamy 52,200
Robert William Elkin 108,600 John Proudfoot 48,700
Tomas McNanmara 107,200 Gustavo Kogachi 47,000
Ray Wheatley 107,000 Sean O’Sullivan 46,900
Conal Prendergast 99,300 Jamie Flynn 46 100
Carl Stephen Cullen 96,000 Elie Nakache 44,000
Chris Dowling 90,800 Ray Bryant 43,700
Andy Black 90 300 Dixon Ruecker 42,400
Darren Harbinson 88,800 Graeme Watts 41,900
Frank Williams 83,300 Patrice Brandt 40,300
Nikolai Mamut 83 100 Lucas Kouril 37,600
Declan Connolly 81,000 Stephen Kavanagh 36,300
Luke Walsh 80,900 John Patten 35,500
Neil O’Reilly 78,500 David Faulkner 32,800
Ladislav Cerveny 73,000 Emmet Mullin 24200
Peter Toth 72 100

Day 1D, on a turbo timer, saw 17 more players enter, 11 of whom were successful. Legendary Irish Poker author Dara O’Kearney topped the small group leaderboard with a not-so-small stack of 216,000 chips. He also had a lead of over 100,000 in the flight, with Feargal Nealon taking second place with 102,000. DTO training site owner Dominik Nitsche also reached day two via this flight, ending the day with 59 200 people.

MILLIONS Day 1d Number of survivor tokens
Player Number of tokens
Dara O’Kearney 216,000
Feargal Nealon 102,000
Corey Gilmore 71,000
Dominique Nitsche 59,200
Aleksi Savela 56,600
Mallory Brother 53,400
Jozsef Fauszt 50,000
Sammy Zheng 50,000
Laurynas Levinskas 49,200
Vytautas Aganauskas 40,200
Dylan Yip 39,400

The second day began in typical fashion with a large number of early exits, reducing the number of remaining players from 159 who had started the day to just under 100 at the first break. Conor Bergin, who started the day with 89,500, converted that to 474,000 and holds the chip lead at the time of writing, with Seamus Cahill (424,000) and Glenn Keogh (405.00) the only other stacks to having managed to exceed the 400,000 mark.

There are some interesting tables, for example Bart Lybaert and Michel Molenaar found themselves once again at the same table. At the recent MILLIONS festival in Malta, they finished 1st and 2nd in the Hydra High Roller event, which Bart won. Andy Black, Niall Farrell and Richard Ashby also share a table today.

PokerListings covers live updates from the event, to follow the action live, Click here.

Jonathan Raab

Irish Poker Festival Media Coordinator

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