Musical styles for playing poker

Poker is a game where skill, like luck, has a major influence on the final result, but where external factors also have a great influence on the chances of success for each other. The atmosphere of the place where we play or the comfort in which we are installed also have their say on our performance. And of course, what we listen to is also important. Both in poker tournaments en live than online tournaments, it is increasingly common to see players listening to music while handling the cards, as it is also part of those reflexes for a healthy poker life that many try to adopt.

It’s possible that it’s more common for online poker players to play with music in their ears. On platforms like Twitch, it has become the norm to try to enhance and enliven poker games with background music, and this too has helped to imprint the idea that music is intertwined with poker. In truth, music has always been present in the poker world, and it has only disappeared due to the professionalization of the industry where the intensity and stakes of tournaments are so high that players prefer to be 100% in the game without any distractions. But since all tastes are in nature, there are also people who need a little music to be completely focused.

In some of the best poker documentaries or in famous films about this game, we have seen professional players playing perfectly while listening to the music of great artists, and this practice is now also happening more and more in real life. . Both in the expansive ambience of your home or office where you can play online and in events live where a cell phone and headphones are invaluable assets for card aces. But what music is the most suitable for playing poker?

As you might expect, this will come down to individual player preference, but there are still a few styles that stand out above the rest. First of all, we have to say that by doing on Spotify, you will come across several playlists dedicated to poker with thousands of subscribers and a lot of songs that will offer you enough hours of music to satisfy you whatever the game in which you are starting. In general, the most listened to are usa songs and are a mix between the alternative rockof the U2 genre, and the rap, like Snoop Dog for example. But your options are far from limited to just that.

There are players who prefer to listen to all-instrumental music, as the absence of lyrics ensures that they keep their other four senses, aside from hearing, focused on the table. It’s clear that listening to songs with lyrics can influence our subconscious, making us sing the chorus in our head instead of thinking about the game in progress, about our movements to do or those of our adversaries. To avoid this distraction, music of the type lodge or electronic are very popular these days, not forgetting jazz even if it seems to date from another era.

Just as in the West of yesteryear a pianist enlivened the atmosphere of the saloons with country music, just as a jukebox filled with jazz resounded in the clubs of the upper echelons of society where poker was played in the 19th and XXth century, or just like the new devices that appeared with technological advances during the second half of the 20thth century retained in casinos with music already more towards pop, smartphones are now the musicians/tools of the 21stth century that allows you to listen to all possible styles of music while playing poker.

But the absence of lyrics in the music you listen to is entirely up to you. There are also professional players who say that this type of instrumental music only drains their brains and prevents them from thinking clearly after a few hours. This is why they prefer to listen to more dynamic music such as punk ou the metal, which helps them maintain their warrior spirit and never give up. Although it may seem odd, many poker players think so and choose to listen to this kind of music.

Whatever style you choose, keep in mind that it is essential to have a playlist already well prepared and to have in mind what you are going to listen to during the game so that you can skip a song or play particular music according to your state of mind at the moment or during the game. You DJ improviser while playing can only bring inconveniences, and even more if you play on several different tables at the same time in online poker. Giving the impression of being a little lost will only be positive if it is a feint. But if you really are, because you are looking for music that suits you, then the difficulties will soon follow.

And if poker is your great passion, then you can also opt for songs about this game that could help you immerse yourself even more in the game, such as hits by Lady Gaga, Motorhead, Kenny Rodgers or Bob Dylan among others. A mixture of the most singular artists but who have all sung songs revolving around poker.

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