“o Paz ta ON” Heats Up For MILLIONS Online KO With Sunday Party Win

Every tournament poker player wants to enter a major series in good shape. Running well and ending up on the right side of the variance instills confidence, and there are few PartyPoker players as confident as “o Paz ta ON” right now for the upcoming MILLIONS Online KO Series.

o Paz ta ON is brimming with confidence after riding through a crowd of 1,257 at the latest edition of the $109 Sunday party. Our flagship weekly tournament recently made headlines due to Team PartyPoker’s Patrick “Patrick_Leonard” Leonard winning it in a straight week.

Leonard was only able to secure a 234th place finish in his attempt to complete his hat trick, closing in on the financial bubble as 215 places were paid. Leonard’s teammate Matt “MatthewStaples” Staples was able to cash in. Staples retired in 177th place for $113.34 plus $62.50 of the bounty pool.

Sunday Final Table Results

Place Player Premiums Price Total price
1 o Paz ta ON $6,795 $7,284 $14,079
2 OptibetPoker $3,960 $7,271 $11,231
3 ATINUG $561 $4,807 $5,368
4 push_AK77 $735 $3,113 $3,848
5 tingmaster77 $389 $2,120 $2,509
6 nosy lion $225 $1,631 $1,856
7 fedazete $1,315 $1,198 $2,513
8 b1g_cohones $608 $949 $1,557
9 Sage199299 $215 $750 $965

All but one of the nine finalists saw their investment of $109 reach at least four figures. “Sagious199299” flirted with four digits, but its ninth-place finish weighed in at $965 including bonuses.

“b1g_cohones” retired in eighth place for $1,557 and was followed first by “fedazete” ($2,513) and then “Snoop Lion” ($1,856).

Thanks in part to the premium element of the Sunday Party, the differences in payouts have grown exponentially. The fifth ‘tingmaster77’ took home $2,509, but ‘push_AK77’ took home $3,848 for moving up one spot. “ATINUG” saw his tournament dream end with a third place finish worth an impressive $5,368.

Heads-up pitted “OptibetPoker” against o Paz ta ON, with both players pocketing over $7,270 from the main prize pool. Both had been active throughout the event and were also guaranteed at least $3,900 in scalps. OptibetPoker fell at the last hurdle and walked away with a total prize of $11,231, leaving o Paz ta ON to cash out $14,079 and the championship title.

The big one ends in a threesome deal

A compact but stellar field of 55 PartyPoker players went virtual this weekend in the $1,050 Grand Prix. These 55 players battled tooth and nail to reach the top 11 spots where we distributed the $60,000 prize pool.

The final table reads like a who’s who of the online poker world. Hans Nissen ($2,515), Dylan Rowe ($2,676) and our own Patrick Leonard ($2,979) were the first three victims.

Finnish star Antero Sillanpaa ($3,455) and Swedish legends Simon Mattsson ($4,151) and Niklas Astedt ($5,222) joined the ever-growing list of eliminated players.

The final three players reached a deal that sealed The Grand for another week. Samuel Vousden, who many of you may know as “€uorp€an” in online poker circles, finished third for $9,044, Thiago Taira was second and cashed $12,502 , leaving New Zealander David Yan to inflate his PartyPoker bankroll with $12,736. first price.

The results of the grand final table

Place Player Country Price
1 David Yan New Zealand $12,736*
2 Thiago Taira Brazil $12,502*
3 Samuel Vousden Finland $9,044*
4 Niklas Astedt Sweden $5,222
5 Simon Matson Sweden $4,151
6 Antero Sillanpaa Finland $3,455
7 Patrick Leonard United Kingdom $2,979
8 Dylan Rowe New Zealand $2,676
9 Hans Nissen Denmark $2,515

*reflects a three-way deal

MILLIONS Online KO runs May 4-28

MILLIONS Online KO runs from May 4-28, and we can’t wait to see which of our players become champions during the series. It all starts on May 4 with the first flights of the $162 Guaranteed and $100,000 Guaranteed Opener, an event that will draw a massive crowd.

The $530, $500,000 Guaranteed Buy-in $530 Main Event KO Main Event first tee flights begin on May 7, which is also your next chance to play the $109 Sunday Party, which includes $150,000 guaranteed for MILLIONS Online KO.

Don’t forget that you can win your place in the biggest MILLIONS Online KO events for just $20 via our exciting SPINS. Here’s what you can win from these exciting games.

Multiplier 1st prize Frequency in 1M games
2 $40 cash 600,000
2.75 $55 MILLION online knockout ticket 315,000
5.45 $109 MILLION online knockout ticket 50,000
10.75 $215 MILLION Online KO Ticket 25,000
16 $320 MILLION Online KO Ticket 5,000
26.50 $530 MILLION Online KO Ticket 5,000

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