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Dublin Cup Results

The €750 Dublin Cup, with two start days, had a combined field of 93 players and a prize pool of €63,475. It was won by Niall Murphy, our second winner of the week with that last name. Who would have guessed all the places here in Dublin? Niall beat Barry Digney head-to-head to win the €18,000 top prize. Congratulations!

Dublin Cup result at €750
Position Player Price
1 Niall Murphy €18,000
2 Barry Digney €12,200
3 Björn Sperling €10,300
4 Thomas Clack €5,725
5 Igor Pihéla Jr. €4,500
6 Mateusz Szymanski €3,750
7 Carlos Simon Martinez €3,000
8 Sean Tire €2,500
9 Sammy Zheng €2,000
ten Patrice Brandt €1,500
Total number of players 93 €63,475

Dublin Women’s Championship

The €250 Dublin Ladies Championship took place on Saturday and appeared to be a very lively affair, with lots of laughter and table chatter throughout. Mary Seary won the trophy after a three-way deal with Zola Zola and Jenny Steele. We don’t know if Zola Zola is her real name or if she lost to a runner. Congratulations Mary!

€250 Dublin Ladies Championship
Position Player Price
1 Marie Seary €1,335
2 ZolaZola €1,100
3 Jenny Steele €950
4 Barbara Boshell €550
5 Ella Papanek €450
6 Rachel Samuels €250
7 Wilhelmina Connolly €250
Total number of players 23 €4,885

€250 PLO 7-Max (Saturday)

Omaha is a big event here at the Irish Poker Festival and all the PLO events have been well attended. Saturday’s edition was no exception, with 65 players battling it out to win one of the Irish Poker Festival’s huge trophies. The honor of receiving it and the logistical nightmare of returning home fell to Frenchman Elie Nakache, who received €5,500 for shipping costs.

€250 PLO 7-Max
Position Player Price
1 Elie Nakache €5,500
2 Humberto by Phino Ferreira €3,250
3 Nikola Kuzmanovic €2,000
4 Sammy Zheng €1,415
5 Damien Byme €1,030
6 Dermot Flanagan €750
Total number of players 65 €13,945

€400 PLO 7-Max (Sunday)

The last PLO 7-Max tournament of the week had 30 participants and paid four places. It was won by Hungarian Jozsef Faust, who beat Domink Fischer, while British Omaha specialist Richard Ashby took 3rd place. Jozsef was a finalist in the Mystery Bounty tournament at the Party Poker Malta Festival and now has his own trophy.

€400 PLO 7-Max
Position Player Price
1 Jozsef Fauszt €4,950
2 Dominique Fischer €3,050
3 Richard Ashby €1,580
4 Humberto by Phino Ferreira €950
Total number of players 30 €10,530

€250 Monsterstack

Sunday’s Monsterstack tournament was the last of the low buy-in NLH events on the schedule and it was Italy’s Francesco Griffi who took top honors to claim the €4,000 top prize.

€250 Monsterstack
Position Player Price
1 Francesco Griffi €4,000
2 Sammy Zheng €2,945
3 Brendan Coone €2,625
4 Marcin Wojtunik €2,465
5 Hélio David Chreen €2,460
6 Marko Tetec €1,350
7 Gerry McArdle €600
8 Bogdan-Marian Bucur €500
Total number of players 79 €16,945

Jonathan Raab

Irish Poker Festival Media Coordinator

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