Poker Betting for Protection


Many players in the beginning stages of their no-limit hold ’em careers are too preoccupied about hand protection Tümbet Casino. Poker Betting With top pair, inexperienced players sometimes stress about the prospect of a flush draw and frequently get so focused on “charging the draw” that they neglect to maximize the value of their second-best hands and/or to safeguard the rest of their stacks against sets and similar threats.

Players finally learn their lesson after repeatedly committing this error. Many players incorrectly believe that they should only bet when they may expect a poorer hand to call or a better one to fold. In other words, many players learn to just wager as a value bet or a bluff, abandoning the idea of protection that, when misapplied, cost them a lot of buy-ins.

But this is a mistake as well Tümbet. Although weak players frequently misapply the principle with costly results, the concept itself is not invalidated by this.

There are times, even in no-limit hold ’em, when poker betting for protection is necessary, even if the bet won’t receive callers from weaker hands or folds from stronger hands. The main question is whether you or your opponent will benefit more from the turn and river action.

It is frequently worthwhile to gamble just to win the pot and avoid delivering a free card if your hand is weak, your opponents are unlikely to bluff, or it would be tough for someone to turn a second-best hand.

Poker Betting  Example

You have $100 in chips and are participating in a 6-handed $.50/$1 NLHE game. With A [diamond] K [spade] in middle position, you open to $3.50, and both blinds call Tum bet.

Poker Betting
Poker Betting

Your impression is that they both play carelessly and are typically bad players who don’t give their performance much attention.

Even if hands worse than yours are unlikely to call and better hands are unlikely to fold, I would argue that you should. Although there is a slight possibility that 22 or 33 will fold and a slight possibility that JT or T9 will call, they are simply the cherry on top. The true benefit of poker betting over checking is that you will almost certainly take it down frequently enough to make a quick profit.

The ideal targets for a continuation bet are players who are too loose before the flop and too
straightforward after it. Given the broad, weak ranges with which they call pre-flop, they just give up too
quickly when they miss the flop.

A flop bet will win the pot right away roughly 45% of the time if each of these players folds about 2/3 of
his range. Even considering the equity that AK holds when called, a stake of 2/3 pot would show a profit because it only has to win 40% of the time to break even Tumbet Twitter.


In no-limit hold ’em, the majority of your wagers should still be easily categorized as either bluffs or value wagers, although there are undoubtedly some circumstances in which wagering for protection makes sense.

Understanding what you are attempting to defend against and why is essential. Although that can be useful, locking up your equity in the pot is only one aspect of it.It’s about guarding against terrible turn
and river scenarios where your opponents’ cards can become better but yours can’t or where you may be bluffed.

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