Poker dealer: the task of the dealer in poker

In all poker games en live, there are many things to consider when actually analyzing a table. The atmosphere in which the tournament takes place or the type of tournament is very important, as well as the development of an adequate strategy and the psychological preparation that a player can carry out before this one in order to be able to be at the top of his capacities in the key moments. But there is a character that we all tend to forget, it is the croupier (or ” Merchant “ in English) and the latter has many more responsibilities than one might think and it will be essential to maintain a good relationship with him.

Clarifications from the outset that there are also croupiers in online poker, in the gaming sessions in live where Internet platforms offer players to sit around a virtual table but with a Merchant in chair and bone. This makes the gaming experience even more enjoyable than usual. If you decide to come and play on our site, you will see that all the tournaments take place in an automated way, and therefore without dealers, in order to promote greater speed and accuracy, but the role of a car dealer should not be overlooked. , finally, he is the referee of the game.

It should also be noted that, in the older eras of poker, the croupier also had a role of adviser to the players. In Texas Hold’em, in other variants of poker and in poker in general, the Merchant is always considered an ally, because the players compete against each other and not against the dealer. In other games of chance such as blackjack for example, the role of the croupier is very different because here it becomes a real obstacle to success for the players. But in the past, the role of the croupier was even more extensive and the person doing this job always had to have a strong personality.

Which does not mean either that the resellers present have no personality. A croupier must have the rules of the game very clearly in mind, be very calm in his movements and his announcements to keep the game as dynamic as possible, and it is essential that he allows all players to feel at ease. . It is also necessary to understand that the croupier spends hours in the same position, often standing, and it is therefore necessary to be sufficiently physically enduring. And more know perfectly how to calculate bets and count chipshe must also be able to solve any problems that may arise.

As you can imagine, the dealer obviously also needs to know how to handle the cards very well and be able to shuffle them easily and efficiently. Players cannot end up with the same cards multiple times due to a Merchant who has trouble shuffling and dealing well, as it would reflect badly on the tournament and undermine the smooth running of the game. It could even go so far as to ruin the most important hands. This is why dealers always prepare themselves conscientiously before a game. And some rooms also use machines to shuffle the cards extremely quickly and thoroughly, to avoid mistakes and waste players’ time.

In poker, the Merchant must alsoPay particular attention to ensuring that all players respect the betting limits. In professional tournaments, players generally play very cleanly and it is rare that the dealer has to intervene to remind a player of a rule who has broken it. But in a casino or a gambling hall, it’s different. And in addition the croupier will have, in these establishments, to recover the percentages which will go back to the bank, and he will therefore have to make mental calculations very quickly.

And of course, the croupier also has the obligation to announce at each turn, the stage at which one is, which makes it possible to ensure that all the players are attentive and ready for the following movements. He must also recover the chips and bets and then redistribute them, an almost mechanical but extremely important task. And he must finally have in mind the position of each player in order to be able to collect the blinds correspondents without fault of errors.

Finally, the Merchant must also always be respectful and attentive to the players. To do the best job possible, you have to know how to analyze the context of the game and everything that revolves around it. A croupier will meet very different people, between players keen on sarcasm, others very active and talkative or even players who will not stop staring at them. Having in mind how each of the opponents around the table plays will be a great help in avoiding any misunderstandings.

If now you’re interested in taking a deeper look at a dealer’s job during a poker game, you can check out our poker tournament calendar where all the upcoming big events are listed, including online tournaments.

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