Poker games with CAP Reasons for the existence of CAP in poker

In poker, there are many factors that can influence the course of a game or a particular moment of the game. The number of players, the time limit before reaching the bubble of a tournament, the type of allowable poker bets or rebuy opportunities; all of these are good examples of those factors which will determine the direction the competition will take and which will shape the style of the championship that the organizers will have wanted to create. Here, we also like to look at these kinds of details, especially when they have implications for the world of online poker. So today we are going to focus on a very specific and relatively unknown bet.

CAP is a term whose origin does not come from poker, but rather from the world of economics. Without going into too technical an explanation, CAP could be defined as interest rate insurance. Its operation as a financial derivative is to guarantee the customer that, in the event of variations in interest on an acquired product (a mortgage for example), it will be the financial entity that will bear these variations. That is, if the interest rate changes and harms the buyer, then the seller will pay the difference.

According to this definition, the slang of the poker seizes the concept of CAP to create a system with the operation rather similar to that of the financial CAP. In poker, the CAP is a maximum betting limit. that no player can exceed under any pretext. For example, if a game of Texas Hold’em is played with a CAP of €50, then no one can place a bet greater than this sum. The only thing is that WTP is not really expressed in money or chips but in blinds (usually the big one), so if this is set at 20 blinds and the big blind is €40, then CAP will be €800.

Before continuing, it is important to notice that there are tournament players on line which associates this indicator with the rakeback. And they are not totally wrong since there are operators who imply a limit on their rakein particular on the parts in gambling. The CAP can therefore also have an influence on the commission charged by the casino or the gaming room. jackpot but part is collected by the organizers to pay for their work.

Now that we have differentiated these two types of CAP, let’s come back to the one that interests us and which is the CAP on bets during a game of gambling, where it appears most often. Why in this type of evenings? Because the tables of gambling have the particularity of allow players to choose the amount they wish to sit at the table with, and this can lead to very large differences between competitors when betting. It’s obviously not the same to bet with a stack of €200 than with one of €1,000. The one with the biggest stack of rolls could manage to destroy the game simply by using huge bets not called by the one with the smallest stack.

For a little more equality between players, a limit like the CAP is then installed, and this will undoubtedly bring certain advantages and benefits which will however be different depending on the type of player, their strategies or their poker style. . Difficult to give a definitive opinion on the benefits of it, but just know that online poker rooms must inform you in advance of the existence of a CAP during a game. And the same goes for tournaments in live, although this happens only very rarely; the existence of a purchase already being a sufficient constraint for the players.

The important thing to know if you find yourself in the middle of a game with CAP is to have clearly in mind the tactics to apply during such a session, especially if it is likely to last. But two or three tweaks to your usual game will usually be enough, and these will be similar to your different settings between Limits and No Limits, although the context and magnitude of the changes will be different.

In a tournament with CAP, it is important to do not commit to too many hands pre-flop, because this limit will tend to reduce the winnings on each hand won and they will then no longer be able to compensate for all these lost bets to see useless flops. The key is, if you end up with a good hand on the flop or turnto try to lure your opponents into calling you with medium or weak hands in order to win the most chips with the least risk.

If in normal tournaments, it is preferable to have as many players as possible lie down before the riverin order to avoid too many possibilities of defeat, the championships with CAP differentiate because it will be interesting to beat several opponents at the same time to hope to win enough tokens since it will be impossible to bet too strongly or go all-in if it is higher than the CAP.

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