Problems Misclicks Can Cause Recommendations for Avoiding Misclicks in Online Poker

Any customary online poker player has already found himself in uncomfortable situations where the player was not necessarily responsible for the error made. These common errors are fairly common and preventable, but none are more unpredictable and annoying than the click error, and that is what we would like to tell you about in this article. How many times have you ever accidentally opened or closed a page, file or software by clicking your mouse or screen without doing it on purpose? And now imagine that this happens to you during a game of poker and that it costs you a lot of money… the consequences could be dramatic.

THE click error defines the action of accidentally clicking the mouse during an online poker session. A click that could cause an event that we would not want, such as opening a program and evaluating its turn or even closing a window that will make us lose all our progress for the day. Every player has had to face at least once in his life a situation of click error, but in this article, we would like to discuss in detail the causes of it and the solutions to affect it which might prove very helpful for our users. Because even if it is a problem that seems inevitable, there are ways to avoid it.

A very concrete example is that of a table where the opponents use all of their thinking time before making a decision. This prompts the waiting player to visit Twitter to pass the time while waiting for their turn. When it’s time to speak, the online game window will activate and suddenly appear on the player’s screen. And it is precisely at this moment that the player was about to click to see a new tweet, and here he is who instead involuntarily clicks on the all-in button. Another opponent calls, wins the hand and the unlucky player is then eliminated from the online tournament.

It is important to specify that the click error is a term that applies only to online poker, but which can nevertheless be found in online poker live on certain occasions. Indeed, there are tournaments live with very specific rules concerning the movements that a player can make with his chips or the responses to be given to the dealer. It can also happen that the dealer has not understood what we have said and will therefore perform an action with our stack of chips or our cards that are different from what we had planned. These types of errors are as likely as wrong clicksbut it must still be recognized that these are much more frequent on the Internet.

But back to click error online poker. It is first good to know what are these moments that can lead us to make an error in the handling of the mouse. These errors can also occur because of the touchpad or even with the keyboard, if we press a wrong key, although the most recommended for long poker sessions will always be to use a mouse.

Among the causes of click error, we can already mention the fact of playing several games simultaneously. Even if it’s a relatively basic way to play for an experienced player, having a large number of open windows increases the chances of making a mistake. This is why it is necessary try to be seated at a relatively small number of tables at the same timewhich will also be an advantage for developing our strategy.

Looking back at the example given above, we encounter two additional reasons for error. First there is distracting yourself by doing something else on the same computer, which is really not advisable, and if you can’t help it you should at least use a different device. However, it’s never good to let your guard down, even if your game is highly automated, because distractions only attract trouble and it is better to avoid them as much as possible.

Then there are pop-ups and windows that open by themselves. In the properties of your browser, it is possible to activate or deactivate them, just as in your poker software there is the possibility of putting them on or deleting them. Pop-ups can be useful to let us know that our turn has come, but they are also responsible for many problems of click error. It is better to deactivate them and play without this “help”.

The configuration of your PC or associated devices may also have an influence on the click error. For example, your mouse’s sensitivity may be too high, causing it to move a little too quickly on your game screen. Or it may be that the player decides to use his keyboard to write a precise sum for his next raise, but this false good idea is in truth a brake on the fluidity of the game and has a greater chance of ending in a typo.

For those who play on their tablet or smartphone, it is the desire to use other applications on the same screen or having the game open with too small a zoom which are the main culprits for button errors. which could cause you to lose a good part of your chips. Here you have to pay even more attention to windows that open by themselves, because these are particularly treacherous on small screens. If you follow these tips, you’ll be more likely to not sink into tilt and play wide.

And finally, pay close attention to your playing hours and do not exceed them. If you are no longer 100% focused on your computer, the chances of click error because of your greatly increased fatigue. And if a click error you lose tokens, avoid at all costs compulsively trying to recover them in stride. It is better to rest immediately and make a plan with a clear head in view of recouping your losses in the future.

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