The strategy to follow in short stack poker How to play short stack in cash games and tournaments

Unless you’re a complete beginner visiting our site for the first time, it won’t come as a big surprise to you to hear us say that strategy is the foundation of poker. In a mental sport like this, it makes sense that there are well-honed techniques that most players are familiar with. Those with a little money aside could then embark on a poker tournament and try their luck there, but always with prior training under penalty of financial destruction.

In the world of poker, the different poker strategies are legion, whether for better or for worse, but it is in any case thanks to them that this game is so rich and that it offers so many possibilities. Of course, when a system works, it begins to be used by a large part of the players, and it is one of them that we would like to talk to you about today, namely the game in short stack. For many vocational schools, it’s an almost unbeatable way to play poker, it’s so simple to use and so complicated to counter. So we will explain to you from top to bottom in this article.

The first has chosen to understand here the distribution of chips in poker and to know that a player’s stack is measured through the number of big blinds he can pay. The adjectives “short” and “big” are associated with the amount of chips a player has in order to identify his current position around the table. A player will qualify as short stack when he has only a small number of tokens left. And it is precisely in this case that the strategy comes into play. short stackto manage to win even with a small stack of chips.

What are its basic principles? First of all, it must be said that the strategy short stack is mainly used in online poker games and has even become a kind of specialty of French players. So much so that even the best international players found themselves in difficulty when they had to face French players face-to-face, essentially around tables with at least 7 players. This allows us to give you a first important piece of advice, this is that it is better to leave a table with less than 7 opponents, because the strategy short stack will no longer be as effective.

Fr gambling, you could observe that there are players who only play when the tables are full and who leave with their chips as soon as there are less than 7 players. They are undoubtedly players following a strategy short stackwho appreciate the gambling because they allow them to withdraw as much as they want. In quick, multi-table or Sit&Go tournaments, this would not be possible since leaving a table will result in you losing all of your winnings so far and will simply be eliminated. That’s why it’s in gambling that the game short pile works best.

This requires to adopt a TAG (Tight And Aggressive) style. This means that you will become a player who plays very few hands but who, if he engages in one, goes with all his might, not hesitating to raise strongly except in a few specific situations. To do this, of course, you need to have very good cards in your hand, in order to ensure that players with average or weak hands will fold to your attacks. Players who have a big pile they might call with average hands, but they’ll need a big flop in their favor to get away with it, so they’ll be at a disadvantage to you and under a lot of stress.

It is obvious that this is a strategy that requires a lot of patience, while waiting for the right pair of cards, and that, due to our low chip count, the times we go beyond the flop will be rare. The pre-flop and flop turns will be the times to act and raise. From the turn and some river, the bets will already be made. It is as clear that good management of its finance will be essential for a successful strategy short stack, because you will have to take extreme care of your chips. There are tables on the Internet which summarize which attitude to adopt according to each hand and which give very good results.

But to give you a first idea before you dive into this strategy, it is generally considered that a player is considered to be short stack when he has less than 50 big blinds in his chip stack in gambling. In a multi-table tournament, the situation is different and this figure can go down to less than 20 big blinds, but it really varies according to the dimensions of the tournament. Once in this position, it’s time to get your technique going. short stack.

Educate yourself and study the game by short stack because it can be fundamental, especially for beginners, since it allows you to start earning your first earnings even with a limited portfolio, both online and online. live.

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