Wow! Patrick Leonard Wins Back To Back Titles For The Sunday Party!

Team PartyPoker’s Patrick “Patrick_Leonard” Leonard continued his purple form this weekend by winning the $109 Guaranteed $150,000 Sunday PartyPoker buy-in. You may recall that Leonard finished at the top of the tree at the Sunday Party last week. His latest impressive win makes Leonard not only the first-ever two-time Sunday Party champion, but also the first PartyPoker player to win back-to-back Sunday Party tournaments!

On April 16, Leonard was one of 1,354 participants in the $150,000 guaranteed Sunday party. He fought his way to Day 2, where he found himself fourth out of 15 in chips, and with a great chance of becoming the tournament champion. Leonard was full of confidence going into Day 2, not least because he had already triumphed in the $320 Super for $7,983.

Leonard was right to be confident as on April 17 he left 14 other opponents in his wake, winning the Sunday Party title and a prize money worth $18,747.

Leonard’s title defense begins

Fast forward to April 23, and the Sunday Party drew 1,237 attendees, including Leonard’s teammates Jaime “jaimestaples” Staples and Matt “Matthew Staples” Staples. As Matt erupted around the halfway point, Jaime lasted all the way to 66th place, which netted the popular grinder $265 including bonuses.

The curtain fell on Day 1 proceedings when ‘DaOBountMarreco’ retired in 17th place, leaving just 16 players in the race for the Sunday Party title. Who was the chip leader on Day 2? The one and only Leonard, and by a distance of over six million chips.

Also in the mix was ‘SixBetShove’, which finished seventh at last week’s Sunday Party.

Sunday Party Day 2 Top 10 Token Counters

Place Player Fleas
1 Patrick_Leonard 21,092,444
2 Belgrade1111 15,070,547
3 dondylion5 10,973,955
4 Jack Harlow 8,569,493
5 Primordial 8,307,880
6 new name ABC 7,036,843
7 SharkNoScope 6,815,884
8 dgSam1 6,786,093
9 pebble brain 6,753,533
ten SixBetShove 6,233,772

Leonard may have entered Day 2 with the chip lead but victory was far from guaranteed due to the quality of the opposition. Players fell one by one until just nine remained, with each of those finalists locking up over $1,500 for their efforts, when you include the bounties.

“NeoTheOne71” had the ninth-place take taken and earned a score of $1,517. Eighth place went to “SharkNoScope” who was shot and awarded $1,870. The final table then officially became shorthanded when “Jack Harlow” ran out of steam in seventh position, a good finish for $2,542.

It’s a well-known fact that Leonard prefers shorthanded tables because it allows him to apply more pressure through his characteristic aggression. That’s when most spectators and railbirds really thought back-to-back wins were possible.

Victory came close after “new name cba” and “Belgrade1111” pulled out and boosted their PartyPoker bankroll to $3.09 and $4,510, respectively. The elimination of ‘Deano_T8’ and ‘KAURAMAIT0’, resulting in scores of $4,673 and $9,798, propelled the Sunday Party heads-up.

‘Primordial’ was the only player standing between Leonard and his second Sunday Party victory in the space of two weeks. Luckily, for Leonard at least, Leonard got the job done, beating Primordial to second place and resigning him to a consolation prize of $11,553. A thrilled Leonard landed a score of $18,717 and the number two Sunday Party title in the space of seven days!

Sunday Night Gtd $150,000 Final Table Results

Place Player Premiums Price Total price
1 Patrick_Leonard $8,480 $10,237 $18,717
2 Primordial $1,333 $10,220 $11,553
3 KAURAMAIT0 $3,038 $6,760 $9,798
4 Deano_T8 $293 $4,380 $4,673
5 Belgrade1111 $1,524 $2,986 $4,510
6 new name ABC $761 $2,298 $3,059
7 Jack Harlow $853 $1,689 $2,542
8 SharkNoScope $529 $1,341 $1,870
9 NeoTheOne71 $456 $1,061 $1,517

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